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Liquid Metal Coatings in Denver / Lakewood, Colorado, can apply a real metal finish to just about anything. If it doesn't breathe or melt, we can coat it. Copper, Bronze, Brass, Iron, Nickel, Silver, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel coatings on Plastic, Glass, Wood, Ceramic, Fabric, Plaster, Stone, Paper, Porcelain, Foam, Metal, or any casting material.

For a simple, rich look that blends naturally and, comfortably with any décor, incorporate metal into your environment by using Liquid Metal Coating’s unique processes to completely transform an existing piece or create exciting memorable new pieces.

Designers, architects, contractors, re-modelers and homeowners are blending existing design elements with the timeless elegance of metal, creating customize homes and projects without paying custom prices.

Download PDF documents for more information:

About Liquid Metal Coatings
Product Description and Technical Specifications
LMC Design Options
Integrating Design Elements Into Your Environment
Performance Documents - Care and Maintenance, Testing, Warranty and MSDS

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